Sunday, May 6, 2012


This was my first time experimenting with floral nails. I always admired floral nails when I saw pictures online, but I was always too lazy to try it myself. Then I realized I needed to update our blog so I ended up trying it out.
I actually did the whole random look. Two of the nails are just solid colors, one is solid glitter, one is bedazzled, and one is floral. If you want to try this look, I suggest using a color that you have many shades of, especially so you can accent the flowers.
It's actually fairly simple to do floral nail art :D (I didn't use any tools or anything...just the nail polish brushes)
1. First I made a "cluster" of three dots (sort of like a molecule)
2. While I waited for these clusters to dry, I painted the leaves (make the brush flat so you can create more of a oval shape to get the leafy look)
3. By now, the clusters should be dry so get a darker color of the same shade and kind of just add random designs to them. The more random, the more natural it'll look.
And there you have your floral nails!

If you guys try it out, be sure to send us some pictures at :)

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