Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiffany & Co Inspired Manicure

This manicure was inspired by Tiffany&Co.  I love Tiffany blue and China Glaze For Audrey is pretty close to spot on.  I used For Audrey on all my nails excluding my ring finger.  I put a little black half moon on my thumb using OPI Black Onyx, which I also used on my ring finger.  I put a half pearl border around the half moon.  I used a coat of OPI I Juggle... Men on all my fingers to add a little bit of sparkle.  On my ring finger I put a rhinestone and a half pearl next to each other and surrounded it with little gold metal balls.  It was my first time using the balls and it was a little difficult, so those are a little sloppy.  I really liked this mani, but the pearls were a bit bulkier than I would've liked.  Tell me what you think and remember to follow Mai Maddie Pedi!

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