Monday, February 20, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad & Flash Dance

I've kind of been on a Deborah Lippmann kick recently and have been wearing a lot of her polishes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roses and Hearts and Diamonds, Be Mine!

I created this toe nail design just in time for Valentine's Day!!! Instead of going for the usual pinks and reds, I decided to go for purple, accented with pink! So for my base coat, I used OPI's Do You Lilac It?, which is a solid lavender. I needed some glitter, so I topped this lavender with a purple glitter polish from Sephora called Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild. I received both of these polishes for Christmas and I love them, especially since these are pretty much the only purple shades in my entire collection. I left it as a sparkly purple pedicure since I didn't have time to finish what I intended. Then the next day, I painted a coat of another new polish. It's the clear kind of nail polish with a hint of glitter and pink hearts<3. This nail polish, WH003, is from the brand "LOVELY ME:EX" and was purchased from The Face Shop (pictured below). I still wasn't satisfied with just sparkly purple with pink hearts because it looked too plain. I found some pre-made acrylic roses (I think they're Konad), and placed one in each bottom left corner of my big toe. Then I used some swarovski rhinestones to kind of frame the nail. Hope you love it! Happy Valentine's Day!

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In Case You Were Wondering...

        I haven't been painting my fingernails. Why? Because my calgel nails are still in perfect condition!!! They're starting to really grow out and I'm in need of a filing, but I'm scared to ruin Hello Kitty's face! Haha. It's already been almost four weeks since I got it done and they haven't even started to chip. They've gone through volleyball practice, washing dishes, finger eating, washing cars, you name it, and they're still beautiful! If you're thinking of investing in a gel manicure, go for it! It's totally worth the price considering the long-lastingness, and the strength it gives your nails.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rainbow Dot Nails

So when we first created out blog the background was a rainbow tile kind of thing and I wanted to try it on my nails.

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