Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cupcake Manicure!

I saw a picture on the internet once, and I saved it, hoping I'd be able to try it out one day! Well I finally got the chance. Unfortunately, it came out a little more sloppy than I hoped, but it was my first try doing this kind of nail art. Can you tell which one is mine? (haha, obviously the more sloppy one)

 Mine is a little different because I didn't have star jewels and I didn't put stripes on the bottom of the cupcake. Also, the colors are a little different.
Keep checking back to see my next look-alike pedi, perfect for spring!


  1. It looks really nice! Where did you get the colored dot/stud from?

  2. Hi Kim! Thank you so much! I actually got those studs off of eBay, but the quality was really bad, probably because the color was painted onto the bead. The colors bled off of the bead after I went swimming in the pool, and even a little after I applied a top coat over it. However, there's a store in Waikiki called Neo Plaza, and they sell tiny glass beads for nail art (container is about $1.99). They seem like they're better quality because the color is in the bead itself; not painted on. Or you could just search for "nail glass beads" on the internet and a whole bunch shows up! Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being our first commenter :)


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