Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salon Glitter Calgel

Do you remember my blue and pink Hello Kitty calgel nails from Salon Glitter? Well, here is a picture of my Mom's manicure. I loved it because it was nice and subtle, but at the same time, super cute with the gold bow decal. Isn't it adorable? Like mine, her manicure lasted FOREVER (over 5 weeks), but she wanted to get another calgel manicure since she had an interview. Here's her story:
After about 5 weeks, she called Salon Glitter to see if they had an appointment for that day. Unfortunately, they were too busy that day, but she really needed a new manicure for her interview the next day. Then she remembered that she always wanted to try Don Quijote's nail salon since it's always super busy when we go grocery shopping there. She wanted a quick appointment, but little did she know she was in for a couple hour visit. First of all, it was a nightmare getting off Salon Glitter's gel, plus there was a extra fine for removing it. After patiently waiting for the gel to come off (not even completely), the lady asked her what color she wanted. My mom chose a silver glitter, which eventually turned gold after a few days (it was actually pretty cool). But here's the thing, the lady didn't file her nails evenly (some nails were crooked, and none were the same length) and the final product wasn't even smooth! (it was bumpy). The price is another story. Total, the final price of my Mom's manicure was about the same as Salon Glitter, if not a little more (about $30 just for removing the gel...ridiculous if you ask me). I'm sure if Don Quijote's salon was the first salon we visited, we would've been satisfied. However, after visiting Salon Glitter and experiencing their intricate detailing and quality, Don Quijote's salon didn't fulfill our expectations. I don't know, maybe we just had a bad first experience at Don Quijote. Oh and sorry, I don't have any pictures :(

Let us know about your salon visits!

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