Friday, June 8, 2012

Golden Prom Nails

         This mani was originally created to show my friend the gold polishes that I could paint her nails for prom.  I ended up really liking it, but my friend decided she wanted  something different that was more complicated.  The colors I used in this were Deborah Lippmann Believe and Boom Boom Pow and OPI Spark de Triomphe.  Click 'Read More' for more pictures and a more detailed explanation if this mani.

          Believe is an ambiguous  gold-silver sparkly white color that looks really glamorous on it's own.  It has more of a golden tint to it, but I don't consider it to really be gold.  When Boom Boom Pow is layered over it, the color becomes much more gold because there are little flakes of gold in the base of Boom Boom Pow, in addition to various sizes of gold glitter.  This is the combination on my thumb nail.  

         On my index, middle, and pinky finger it's only Believe.  My ring finger is one coat of Believe and a coat of Spark de Triomphe.  I don't think that the first coat of Believe on my ring finger is necessary, but I hate when you can see bare nail under glitters.  I love that these colors aren't full on yellow gold, but look more like they're tinted gold, so it's not tacky looking.  In my opinion this is a very classy mani, that would be great for prom.  As always, I finished my nails with a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

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