Friday, April 13, 2012

Incoco Nail Strips

This is my first time trying nail strips and I did not have a very good experience with them.
My hairstylist got some free samples of Incoco Nails Strips and gave some to me to try out.  I've never used strips before and based off of what I've seen on other blogs I wouldn't have tried them if they weren't free.  One of the colors I got was Written in the Stars.  I love glitter and gradients so I decided to try this color first.  The application was a little tricky and I had a hard time lining it up on my nail.  I had a lot of wrinkles, but the glitter covered it up.  They were really thin so up close you could see my nail through the strip.  I don't know if I would use these again if I had to pay for them because they're about $9 and I would rather spend the money on a new OPI or China Glaze.  With nail polish you can get a lot of usage out of one bottle, but with strip you can only use it once (twice if you do it well and have enough left over).   They're great if your looking to do a quick manicure and don't have time to wait for it to dry, but for people like me who are willing to work on their nails for hours nails strips aren't really worth the money.

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